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Manufacturer Description

Enjoy Cool, Clean Air, Anywhere!
The air cooler is gentler than the fan, providing you with a comfortable personal space while saving energy.
Unique design, the air can be cleaned; while the personal space cooler has the humidified function.
Freon free, energy efficient. Compact & powerful & ultra-quiet operation.
You can enjoy the cool, clean air anywhere with Air Cooler!

Product Details:
Product size: 118*110*136 mm (L*W*H)
Product material: ABS and PP
Product weight: 408g
Rated voltage: 2.5W
Power supply mode: computer USB interface / 3 batteries (need to prepare yourself)
Packing size: 120*115*145 mm (L*W*H)

Package Include:
- 1 * Air Cooler
- 1 * USB Power Cable

Satisfaction guarantee:
If there is any problem in the purchase process. Please contact us by e-mail. We in 24 hours in time for you to solve.

Product Features

?3-In-1 Air Cooler?: The compact personal air cooler was designed with refrigeration, humidification and air purification function which allows you to create a personal comfort zone. ?Adjustable Air Outlet?: The tuyere is 80° lower and 120° higher, and the left and right tuyere can adjust the angle to the wind. Different angles can meet your various needs. ?Usb or Battery Powered?: It can be Powered through USB or Battery Powered, which is convenient to take it to any place, Simply fill with water, plug it into USB port or Install the battery. ?Safe Use?: The USB interface has a safety switch. The battery is automatically powered off after USB power is supplied. Effectively prevent accidents caused by batteries. ?Portable Carrying?: The small size(14*11*10.5 cm) and light weight (about 0.41kg),easy for carrying and moving from your office to your home and so on.