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DAIKIN Air Conditioner with Remote Control SIESTA 14 KW SKY AIR

By: Daikin
DAIKIN Air Conditioner with Remote Control SIESTA 14 KW SKY AIR
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Manufacturer Description

Ceiling cassette with 4-way fan Power: Cooling / Heating 13.4 / 15.5 kW Daikin Sky Air cassette air conditioners are an ideal solution for shops, restaurants and offices, where there is as much space as possible for furniture, decoration etc. to create. It is an ideal solution for offices or shops with suspended ceilings. The 360 ° air supply ensures optimum efficiency and comfort The new R32 environmental refrigerant in the air conditioning system has a low environmental impact and 15% higher efficiency in cooling and heating compared to R410a air conditioning units. Daikin Siesta Sky Air: - Indoor unit: FCAG140A - Outdoor unit: AZAS140MV1 - Important: The price includes: KIT: 1 x indoor unit + 1 x outdoor unit + 1 x decorative panel + 1 x radio control AIR CONDITIONING FUNCTIONS: - Individual flap control: Flexibility to adapt to any room shape, without the position of the unit to change! - The air filter removes airborne dust particles for a constant supply of clean air - The air supply can be in one of the 4 directions - Weekly timers - You can specify that at any given time of the day every day or week with the Heating or cooling is started. - On-line controller through the application - The ability to control the indoor unit from any location through the application - Easy installation and maintenance - The ability to control multiple indoor units simultaneously with the Siesta Sky Air group controller (optional) - A condensate pump in standard equipment - Strong cooling - Effective heating - Integrated fresh air inlet in the same system reduces installation costs, as no additional ventilation is required (optional) - Quiet operation - Daikin indoor units are very quiet. We also guarantee that outdoor units will not disturb the peace of the environment.

Product Features

Cooling / heating capacity: 13.4 / 15.5 kW / One condensate pump Online driver / Strong cooling Effective heating / silence work Air filter / energy class A