DAIKIN Air Conditioner with Remote Control 7,5 KW SIESTA SKY AIR AHQ71C / AZQS71BV1

By: Daikin
DAIKIN Air Conditioner with Remote Control 7,5 KW SIESTA SKY AIR AHQ71C / AZQS71BV1

Manufacturer Description

Ceiling air conditioner DAIKIN SIESTA SKY AIR AHQ71C / AZQS71BV1 Power: Cooling / Heating 6,8 / 7,5 kW Daikin Siesta Ceiling Air Conditioners are ideal for commercial spaces with low ceilings or no suspended ceilings. Set: Ceiling air conditioner Daikin Siesta Sky Air: - Indoor unit: AHQ71C - Outdoor unit: AZQS71BV1 - ARCWLA wireless remote control AIR CONDITIONING FEATURES: - The possibility of easy installation both in new buildings and after renovation - The air filter removes dust particles floating in the air and thus ensures a constant supply of clean air - Reduction of temperature fluctuations by automatic selection of the fan speed and free use of the 3-speed fan speed control - Only the fan - The air conditioner can act as a fan and blow air without cooling or heating - Strong cooling - Effective heating - Quiet operation - Daikin indoor units work very quietly. We also guarantee that outdoor units will not disturb the peace of the environment. - Daikin outdoor units are tasteful, strong and can easily be mounted on the roof or terrace or just on the outside of the outside wall - The outdoor units are equipped with a vibrating or scroll compressor which reduces noise and ensures greater energy efficiency - Inverter Compressors continuously regulate the speed of the compressor and adapt it to the current needs. Rare, energy-consuming switching and stopping cycles reduce energy consumption (up to 30%) and ensure a more stable temperature.

Product Features

Remote control / cooling, heat Strong cooling / silence work Cooling capacity: 6,8 kW / Heating power: 7.5 kW Fan only / energy class B / A